Maleika on Casley

by Pairs

  • Limited 75 copies compact cassette

    Duplicate at Lokananta, Solo, ID.
    Including 9 tracks and 1 bonus track in side A.

    Sold Out


Pairs is a duo noise-rock from Shanghai.
Xiao Zhong (aka Rhys) as Drum & Voc.
F as Guitar.

Maleika On Casley is the final album from Pairs before they lay down.
Gerpfast Kolektif re-release this album on limited cassette.

If you're in Australia and want to get this cassette, you can contact Rhys (Pairs, dr/voc) in or drop a message to PAIRS Facebook

Digital version also available here:


"So, Pairs was a band in Shanghai, China that died around 2014 when their drummer (me) went back home to Australia. They did a whole bunch of shit, a whole bunch of shows, a whole bunch of bridge building and a whole bunch of emailing sending. They played with good heads, bad heads, young heads and old heads.

This album was written when I was really over China after living there for 6 years, but I’d already bought my plane ticket. So it was this weird mix of being able to look back on what I’d done in a totally foreign land, having arrived knowing no-one and then on the other hand, being so burnt out by the pollution and life in general that I was ready to leave at any moment.

A massive thanks to Gerpfast Koletif for reaching out and being super cool.

Due to muscle memory, we still check the band email, so hit us up if you want:

We thank everyone for almost everything." - Xiao Zhong (Rhys)



released August 8, 2016

Cassette released by Gerpfast Kolektif, 2016.

Originally self released by Pairs May 25, 2014

Recorded February 2014 at The Chows Shanghai.
Recorded, Edited, Mixed & Mastered by Michael Winkler.
All songs written by Pairs.

Extra guitars on 'Dull Thud' by Nathan Sidoti and Michael Winkler.
Drums on 'Nothing But No Hope' by Michael Winkler.
All songs written and ruined by Pairs.



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